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Boiler Water Treatment

Effective boiler water treatment depends on the make-up water quality and the chemical products applied. KontrolKem produces pre-treatment equipment and chemicals for boiler water treatment and through its cost-effective programs and technical services ensures that customers equipment is protected, water usage minimized and energy saved.

Scale elimination and corrosion control is ensured through ControlChem 1000 series of products and KemTRAG control and monitoring programs technology. Using proper pre-treatment equipments technology water wastage is reduced by more than 65%.

KontrolKem produces:

  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Dispersants
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • RO antiscalants
  • Pretreatment equipment
  • KemTRAG control programs

These chemical products, equipment and control systems are produced for treatment of high, medium and low pressure boilers as well as for hot water heating boilers. Chemical programs include chemicals for internal boiler water treatment as well as corrosion inhibitors for condensate and boiler feedwater.