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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Treatment

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an integral part of many boiler and cooling systems and as a result its effectiveness is important from a water and energy consumption point of view. In addition, ineffective membrane protection can result in high maintenance cost and unscheduled plant shut-down. We at KontrolKem know the importance of RO systems and the need for effective membrane protection. KontrolKem produces RO systems, pre-treatment equipment and chemicals for membrane protections and through its cost-effective programs and technical services ensures that customers equipment is protected, water usage minimized and energy saved.

Scale elimination is ensured through ControlChem 3500 series of products and KemTRAG control and monitoring programs technology.

KontrolKem produces:

  • RO Systems
  • Pretreatment equipment
  • RO antiscalants
  • Biocides
  • KemTRAG control programs
  • RO cleaners
  • Coagulants

These chemical products, equipment and control systems are produced for treating well, surface, municipal, brackish and sea water.